Copywriting / Copywriting for risk management

Copywriting for risk management

You need your whole organisation to comply with regulation and internal policy – wherever in the world they are, and whatever their role. Because when your teams all know what’s expected of them, these things happen:

  • Compliance rates improve – sometimes drastically
  • Productivity improves because projects are not stalled by poor understanding of ways of working
  • Relationships with suppliers improve
  • Supply chain management is strengthened

What do we do?

We work with risk management, legal and compliance teams to create policies and guidance that everyone in the organisation can understand, refer to easily and make part of business as usual.

We use easy-to-follow international English, so that people whose first language isn’t English can get to grips with what’s required of them. And we work to accommodate different time zones and calendars.

Our robust planning processes mean that you and your legal counsel can at all times keep track of where information has come from, where changes have been made, by whom and why.

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The Way We Do Business has been distributed to all employees of Wood Mackenzie across the world and has gone down very well indeed. It has been of real practical help. So again, your work has been much appreciated, and we are most grateful.

Richard Collins Head of Risk Management, Wood Mackenzie