Tone of voice / Simple tone of voice

Simple tone of voice

This is an ideal approach if:

  • You want a tone of voice for a small B2C brand
  • You think you’ll only need tone of voice for packaging, website and social media
  • And the only people who’ll be using it and signing it off are professional writers and marketers – who may work internally, or be external freelancers or agencies

This is the approach to tone of voice that most copywriters are talking about when they say they are “tone of voice experts”.

What we do

We use your brand documentation to understand your personality. Then we suggest an approach to language and communications that conveys this personality consistently.

We’ll document this approach in short guidelines, which will set out how to use the tone in different circumstances. We’re also likely to suggest that we copywrite a number of documents in it, as a starter for ten.

What you get

  • A short guideline – up to six pages – on what the tone is and what it should look like in different circumstances
  • Some examples to get the ball rolling

Circumstances this approach is useful in

  • You want your packaging, website and social media to express your brand’s personality consistently
  • But you’re not too bothered about how you sound internally
  • And/or the brand you want the tone of voice for is one of many owned by your organisation
  • Typically, we recommend this approach for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) – or in other words, the products you find on shelves in stores

Circumstances this approach isn’t suitable for

Not sure if this approach is suitable for you? Give us a call and we can help you decide what you need.

I think Liz is a true subject matter expert. In my fifteen years in advertising I had never met an individual so dedicated to a single area, nor so determined to understand and express every nuance of brand personality through tone of voice, nor so willing to work in a flexible, collaborative style.

Sarah Wyse Head of Marketing Strategy, Coutts