Brand strategy / Brand narrative

Brand narrative

Wouldn’t it be good if every single member of every one of your teams knew what your organisation does and what makes it different and special? Even better, wouldn’t it be powerful if they were able to tell the world about this too?

This is why you need a brand narrative – a story that makes it easy to understand, remember and repeat what your organisation is all about, what it exists to achieve and the way it needs to do that.

We work with you to help you build a brand narrative that will act as a framework, getting all your teams to pull in the same direction, share the same message and act as ambassadors for your organisation.

Working with Wordtree has helped me articulate what my company does and stands for in a way we’ve never been able to achieve before. We now have a compelling story to tell – and my friends and family finally know what we do.

Alison Ashurst CEO, ASH Projects