Copywriting / Editorial strategy

Editorial strategy

Organising and presenting information so that key audiences can access and understand it is a real skill. It’s about arranging the information so that it feels natural and intuitive to your audiences.

If your information comprises a single document, this can mean creating an order that makes sense to readers, alongside easily-scannable and digestible sub-sections and sub-heads.

If it’s a number of documents, it can also involve eliminating repetition and maintaining a single voice across the whole suite.

And if it’s scores or even hundreds of documents, it can involve creating information hierarchies, splitting different categories of information into easily-identifiable formats.

We’ve created and implemented editorial strategies for banks, for sovereign wealth funds and for professional services organisations – across marketing, procurement, risk and legal functions.

If you’d like to talk to us about editorial strategy, please get in touch. You can also learn more about our approach by reading our FAQs on editorial strategy.

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