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Cultural alignment and transformation

Language is a vector for culture. Which means if you want to transform your organisation’s culture, language gives you a comprehensive way to do it.

We can align your organisation’s culture to your brand – and then train your teams how to adopt this new way of writing and communicating.

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How does it work?

If you want your organisation to become more customer focused – or faster paced – changing its language can be a powerful way to make this happen.

Why? Well for one, because introducing a new approach to language makes your teams think about the words they use and what they’re trying to convey. Importantly, changing the words we use can also rewire our brains.

Which means a change in language can reframe ideas and concepts – bringing about changes in thinking and belief.

Aligning language with your brand

One of Wordtree’s core specialisms is aligning language to brand. It’s a niche area of branding called creating tone of voice.

A lot of our training comes after we’ve created an organisation’s tone of voice. We then deploy organisation-wide training to change culture by changing language.

Read our book on creating tone of voice – Brand Language: Tone of Voice the Wordtree Way.

Organisation-wide training

In some organisations we’ve trained hundreds of colleagues. In others, we’ve trained thousands.

We also train trainers so that cultural change can happen at scale and pace.

If you want to change your organisation’s culture, talk to us about launching a company-wide tone of voice programme.

Why Wordtree?

We help organisations harness the power of language – and get outstanding business results. We do it by breaking big communications challenges down into bite-size chunks – and then sharing tools and techniques to address them.

What makes our training so effective is that we practice what we preach. Our trainers have decades of experience coaching and enthusing teams – and also in being hands-on copywriters, communicators and strategists.

Whatever challenges your teams are facing, we’ve been there too – and we can help you to usher in dramatic changes that make your teams more engaged, happier and more productive.

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Unleashing the power of language


At Coutts, we trained 600+ people to communicate using the new brand tone of voice – which we had created.


At Shelter, we trained multiple teams to adopt the organisation’s new tone of voice – which we had created.


At Worldpay, we brought together teams from newly-acquired businesses, using a new tone of voice to unify culture and approaches.


At the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, we helped hundreds of colleagues cut through sector jargon and streamline communications.

Just One Norfolk

At Just One Norfolk, we helped a team of health visitiors, nurses and midwives to communicate clearly with familities across the country.


At InsureandGo, we trained hundreds of colleagues to communicate insurance clearler, and adopt the new brand tone of voice – which we had created.

Unleash the power of language in your organisation

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Formats that work for you and your teams

Bespoke training that addresses your exact needs – or proven training products to book your teams’ capabilities. Whatever you need, we make it work.

In person

We can run training sessions on your premises – or source inspiring locations for team away days.


Our online training is thoughtful, personal and highly interactive.


With a blend of video, interactive quizzes and animation, our e-learning is immersive and effective.


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