Brand strategy / Brand workshops

Brand workshops

To be able to articulate your brand and tell its story, we need to dig deep under the surface to find out what makes your organisation and your teams tick. Brand workshops are one way of doing this.

What happens in a brand workshop?

If we think a brand workshop will be useful for your project, we’ll create a series of exercises for your teams to take part in. Our approach is generally to get small groups to work together, to get these groups to mix and to keep things moving. We find brand workshops get the best results when they’re short (no more than two hours), fast-paced and get different people to work together on different exercises.

We can hold them on your premises – or we can find an appropriate space to host them in.

Why do workshops work?

Brand workshops give your teams an opportunity to contribute creatively to a new phase for your organisation. And they work because they get your teams to respond to stimulus, rather than overthink what a “correct” response should be. Brand workshops are fun and they unearth all kinds of thoughts and ideas, because they approach subjects sideways-on.

Virtual brand workshops

If your team is too small for a full-on workshop – or it’s not possible to get everyone together in one space – we can send a pack of stimulus materials to you and team members.

These exercises will give us valuable and interesting input that will help us to shape your brand – because they’re designed to get you and your teams to think in different ways about your organisation.

Wordtree are an amazing team – they made this whole process really simple and helped us deliver a change in culture across our contact centre teams. Our customer experience is totally refreshed.

Elliot Lee Sales & Offshore Operations Manager, M&S