When you’ve been involved in creative projects as long as we have, you sometimes see organisations dealing with similar challenges. So we’ve begun to create guidelines to deal with these situations. They’re free resources for you to download and share with your teams.

We’ve also started creating a series of explainers that set out what we mean when we use brand and other terminology. They’re free to download and share too.

And we’re sharing links to resources that we’ve found interesting and useful here in the Wordtree studio. If you have any recommendations or requests, please get in touch.

Working with copywriters

This explainer is for people who’ve never worked with copywriters before – or who have, but aren’t quite sure what’s involved.
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What is a strapline?

And what job does it do for your organisation? In this explainer, we share our definition of straplines and explain the different roles they can play.
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What is brand?

Brand is an abstract concept. So it’s not surprising that organisations often have different definitions of it. This explainer sets out our definition of brand, what it comprises – and why it’s important.
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How to give feedback

Feedback is a critical part of the content creation process – but very few organisations have a standard approach for giving and managing it. This guideline outlines the approach we think works best – and that we encourage our clients to adopt.
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How to maintain document integrity

Keeping a document on brief all the way through a project is vital if you want it to have any impact. This guideline shows you how to establish ownership of a document, manage version control and keep your sanity through rounds of comments, feedback and amends.
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Brand Language: Tone of Voice
the Wordtree Way

Liz Doig, Founder and MD of Wordtree

If you’re looking for a way to codify tone of voice so that others can use it, you’ll find it in this book. It shows you how to create a consistent personality and give it the flexibility you’ll need in everything from the most serious through to the most celebratory occasions.
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