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Working with BP to make complex reports easy to understand and engage with

Extractive industries often work in the world’s most sensitive areas. Tangguh in Indonesia is a rich source of liquid natural gas (LNG). It is also home to one of the world’s richest and most delicate ecosystems.

So when it started extractive operations in the region, BP set itself rigorous operating, social, economic and environmental standards. Every year, it reports its performance against these standards to the Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel (TIAP). We compile, edit and write this report for BP.


We have worked with BP for a number of years on complex documentation – including the company’s annual sustainability review. We also created BP’s style guide – so when we write the TIAP report, we are not starting from scratch.


The report is lengthy and complex, and its contents are sourced from a number of authors, many of whom do not have English as a first or second language.

It contains information on topics including security, governance and revenue management and has to be produced to tight deadlines.


The report is circulated to stakeholders around the planet and ensures any issues are identified and dealt with quickly. It also helps BP to maintain its reputation and ability to operate in the region.

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