Brand strategy / Brand positioning

Brand positioning

If you’re going to make your proposition stand out in its marketplace, you need to have a clear idea of its brand positioning. This means knowing how what you offer – and how you describe it – stacks up against your competitors.

We’ve helped several organisations – some you’ve heard of, and some you probably haven’t – identify the position in their marketplace they want to occupy.

Often, this is part of a wider branding process. Occasionally, it’s as a stand-alone exercise to help an organisation understand the options available to it.

What do we do?

Immersion stage: We seek out and absorb as much information as we can about your competitors, trends, your ambitions and the ways you describe your activities and their benefits to your clients. This can involve running workshops, interviewing key members of your teams and interviewing clients. And of course, reading a lot of background information and analysis.

Then, using a proven methodology, we create a visual representation of the landscape your organisation operates within – and show you the position we believe you occupy right now, as well as the brand position (or positions) we think you could credibly move towards.

How involved will you be?

To get your brand positioning right, we will need to work closely with you. We’ll need your help to identify the right people to speak to – and we’ll need your input and feedback. We also need you to be open to new possibilities and having your boundaries pushed. Because sometimes we help organisations to see that their most profitable and productive brand position is in a very different space than they had imagined.

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Wordtree has enabled us to harness a base of clients and use the platform to get them “closer to their customers”. Our team helped create the message so we had buy-in from the outset. You nailed it – and it’s amazing to see how accurate your insight was at that time. Looking forward to our next campaign together!

Alison Ashurst CEO, ASH Projects