Brand strategy / Brand messaging

Brand messaging

You know that to sell a new product or service, you need to identify the key things to tell the world about it. These key messages then form the basis of all communications about the product or service.

But teams often struggle to accommodate key messaging about a new product alongside core messaging about the overarching brand. And usually, it is the messaging about the product that wins out.

This is a missed opportunity, because usually, your products and services are made stronger when it’s clear they exist within the framework of the master brand.

We help organisations to overcome this by creating systems to show teams how to use messaging about the master brand in conjunction with product and service messages. Messaging hierarchies become clear, and all communications tell the story of your products and services in the context of the master brand. We can also train your teams to use these messaging systems confidently.


Read our FAQs on creating a messaging framework

The Wordtree team played an instrumental role in distilling our brand into a powerful messaging framework that enabled us to ensure consistency and impact across our marketing campaigns. They really got under the skin of our business, working with a wide range of stakeholders, challenging us positively and delivering a really practical toolkit for us to roll out globally.

Sam Dukes Head of Marketing Services, ACCA