Tone of voice

Creating a tone of voice is all about conveying your organisation’s personality consistently. It helps customers to know you – and get a sense of what they can expect from you. And if you train all your teams to use it when they communicate, it can transform understanding and participation in your brand.

If you’re serious about growing your business and its reach, tone of voice is a must-have tool. And depending on how you want to use and invest in it, it can:

  • Increase customer engagement and recommendation
  • Become a vehicle for organisational culture
  • Improve productivity and collaboration

We think there are three categories of tone of voice. A simple tone of voice works well if you only want to use it for packaging and a website, and your copy will only ever be created by a small number of writers. A team tone of voice is better when you have a larger group of people who communicate across several different touchpoints. And a organisation-wide tone of voice is when you want to use your organisation’s language to bring about cultural change, as well as brand-aligned communications.

Tone of voice

If you’d like to talk to us about tone of voice in your organisation, please give us a call. You can also read more about our approach in our tone of voice FAQs.

I think Liz is a true subject matter expert. In my fifteen years in advertising I had never met an individual so dedicated to a single area, nor so determined to understand and express every nuance of brand personality through tone of voice, nor so willing to work in a flexible, collaborative style.

Sarah Wyse Head of Marketing Strategy, Coutts