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Helping a fintech organisation speak with one voice

When we first started working with Worldpay in 2014, the company was going through enormous changes. The payment facilitator had acquired a number of companies and was growing organically at the same time. They had a pressing need to present a united front – showing the world that their many services and products all came from the same company.

We were initially contacted by a team of management and brand consultants who’d been working with Worldpay to create a unifying narrative. They asked if we’d be able to help the organisation articulate its new brand – and bring it to life in a company-wide tone of voice.

What we did

Articulating the brand

We helped the consultants to set out the brand narrative for the organisation, clarifying its values and positioning. We then created a “brand in your hand” book to be given to all Worldpay employees across the world.


We started by auditing all Worldpay’s communications – from the pragmatic and transactional, through sales and marketing, HR communications, pitches and everything in between.

We also interviewed key stakeholders throughout the organisation to get their views and input on what they felt the messaging and tone of voice should be – as well as getting a firmer understanding of practical considerations. The purpose of talking to so many people was both to involve people and to manage expectations. We then created a straightforward set of guidelines –alongside a searchable library of hundreds of examples – based on the brand principles the consultants had created.


Over a period of two years, we created and facilitated training workshops of various formats for more than 1600 Worldpay employees – both in the UK and the USA.

The professionals who took part in training came from all areas of the business, including marketing, HR, compliance, legal, product and IT. We carried out training in a range of formats – including half-day workshops, awareness sessions, 1-2-1 coaching – and specialist training for customer services teams and IT support teams.

We also trained more than 30 trainers in both countries to make sure the new approach to communication was sustainable.


We supported the organisation across a number of areas – from writing sections of the website, through to developing product descriptions, writing pitches and creating e-learning documents. We worked closely with the marketing and HR teams to create large suites of documentation and collateral.

Wordtree have a rare ability to understand complex offers quickly. Even more impressive, they then communicate them so easily that you find yourself saying, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Alison Kranzley Brand Programme Director, Worldpay


Worldpay went from an organisation that felt like a number of separate organisations – both to customers and to teams internally – to feeling like one, big team.

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