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Tone of voice

Human beings are hardwired to recognise personality in the words and phrases that other people (and organisations) use. It’s an instinct that exists to keep us safe – because the clues and cues you subliminally pick up in someone else’s language help you decide if they’re someone you want to spend time with or avoid. You won’t necessarily realise you’re judging another person by their language, but we all do it, all of the time.

This makes language a potent resource for organisations. To bring your brand to life in a very powerful way, you can skilfully adapt your organisation’s language to convey exactly the personality you want your teams and customers to recognise.

In the UK and USA, this practice is referred to as creating a tone of voice. But it’s also called creating a verbal identity – or a brand voice.

We have decades of experience of creating tone of voice for both high street name brands – and multinational B2B organisations. As both brand and language specialists, we’re perfectly positioned to do this. We create your tone of voice strategy, we implement it across your organisation, writing key documents for you – and we train your teams to adopt the new approach.

Our founder, Liz, speaks at industry events on tone of voice – and she’s the author of the definitive handbook on tone of voice, Brand Language: Tone of Voice the Wordtree Way. It’s stocked by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s bookshop and features on business school and university reading lists.

Check out our tone of voice FAQs and our FAQs on tone of voice training




I think Liz is a true subject matter expert. In my fifteen years in advertising I had never met an individual so dedicated to a single area, nor so determined to understand and express every nuance of brand personality through tone of voice, nor so willing to work in a flexible, collaborative style.

Sarah Wyse Head of Marketing Strategy, Coutts