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Helping a new whistleblowing practice stand out from the competition

Whistleblowing is one of the last safeguards against corrupt and illegal practices – and to do it takes courage and determination.

Most jurisdictions in the world have ways of encouraging whistleblowing. And in the USA, this takes the form of a special set of laws that allow private individuals to sue wrongdoers on behalf of the government.

So if a US citizen uncovers serious fraud that’s being carried out at the taxpayer’s expense, she or he can sue them. But to do so, they need the help of a specialist attorney.

The challenge

Hornsby Law Group is a medium-sized firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. They asked us to help them launch a new website for their whistleblowing practice.

HLG wanted our help with two major challenges. Firstly, they’d identified a number of big competitors in this highly specialist area of law – and they needed communications that would help them to stand out.

Secondly, they were targeting a whole new audience – incredibly stressed-out people who were thinking about blowing the whistle and embarking on a lengthy legal battle.

This meant a new approach and a radical shift away from traditional legal speak. HLG needed to be understood easily and to feel reassuring and helpful.

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Brandon Hornsby President, Hornsby Law Group

What we did

Initially, HLG asked us to create copy for its whistleblower website that was more “consumer-friendly” than traditional legalese lawyer language. But when we started background and competitor research, we realised there was a huge opportunity for the firm to stand out from its competitors and connect with potential clients.

Other whistleblower law firms focus on their credentials and courtroom experience. There’s little mention of the ordinary individual who makes the brave decision to blow the whistle. In contrast, HLG puts its clients centre-stage. It’s open and honest about the long, sometimes arduous journey that comes with reporting fraud. But it’s also determined to support its clients every step of the way.

And this is a genuine reflection of the kind of firm HLG truly is. Its founder, Brandon Hornsby, is a former Assistant District Attorney.

So we created a brand platform that stems from an essence of “helping you do the right thing”. We articulated the relationship the firm has with its clients and defined its brand values and personality.

Once the brand was in place, we set about creating a tone of voice that consistently expresses it through all of the firm’s communications. We then wrote a 200-page, search engine optimised website for the whistleblower arm of the firm.


The new brand and tone of voice sets HLG apart from other whistleblower law firms. It’s completely focused on its clients and giving them the advice and information they need to make brave decisions. The language consistently expresses what the firm stands for and why it’s different.

HLG’s whistleblower website is still in development. When it launches later this year, we hope to see almost immediate results.

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