Parkinson’s UK: Rebrand

Case Study


Parkinson’s UK

Type of Work

Brand proposition
Messaging system
Tone of Voice

Renaming and repositioning a fantastic charity

The challenge

Parkinson’s is a disease that tends to strike people in their 40s. Yet in 2010, the Parkinson’s Disease Society communicated and felt like an old-fashioned, stuffy organisation. This positioning was undermining its ability to engage and to fundraise.

What we did

Working in partnership with brand design agency The Team, we created a new name, a warmer brand proposition and a complete messaging system for the organisation – including a new strapline. We also developed a more compelling and engaging tone of voice for the organisation and wrote key elements of the charity’s website.


The rebrand moved the organisation from feeling removed and academic to a fresh, relevant and campaigning positioning. Instead of immediately talking about research, the organisation began to talk about no-one ever having to face Parkinson’s alone.

Importantly, it also gave everyone in the organisation the tools to be able to tell the story of Parkinson’s UK consistently and energetically.