The noble office cardigan

I met a friend for dinner yesterday. She apologised. “Sorry, I’m wearing my glamorous office cardigan,” she said.

For people working in temperature-regulated corporate environments, here’s a quick introduction. The office cardy is, I think, a staple of small business working. It gets you through glitches in your heating arrangements – and it gives you a bit of a cosy if you decide to put in some extra hours at the end of the day.

Critically, the office cardy is:

  • Long – past your backside, possibly all the way down to the back of your knees
  • Cosy – like a hug as you’re getting into brain-achey strategy (or God forbid, the accounts)
  • Two sizes too big – you want it to wrap around you at least 1.5 times

And of course, it’s almost always unglamorous. It lives on the back of your chair or permanently on a peg in your office. It has bobbles. You may remember to take it home a couple of times a year to stick it in the washing machine.

But on a cold day when deadlines are looming, the office cardy is as important a piece of equipment as your laptop. They should be tax-deductable.