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Copywriting training

Training Clearblue scientists to communicate with warmth

When a woman reaches for a Clearblue product, she wants clear and easy information. And whichever way she wants the results of the test to go, she needs the language to feel warm and friendly. Yet when Clearblue’s scientists were writing instructions and information, they found it challenging to move away from the cold, unemotional language of the laboratory.

We created bespoke communications workshops for Clearblue teams in Bedford and Geneva. We helped scientists and people with scientific backgrounds to move beyond the lab report.

Clearblue teams now communicate with their readers’ needs front and centre of mind. The science is still important – it’s why women all over the world trust the brand. But it’s now immediately understandable and the warmth comes through too.

Your language training was revolutionary. It was one of the most eye-opening sessions I’ve ever experienced, and it has made us rethink the way we communicate our products and expertise.

Jo Scaife Associate Director, Global Marketing, Clearblue