Qlearsite: communications strategy and copywriting

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Communications strategy
Website copywriting

Telling the story of an HR tech start-up


Taking a new technology out into the world, attracting the very best talent and satisfying investors – these are big tasks for a start-up to achieve. And, of course, none are achievable without a clear communications strategy and approach.

Our client Qlearsite – a Scandinavian-funded, UK-based technology company – has brought organisational psychology and advanced data analytics together to create the next generation of employee engagement surveys.

Their approach gives employers a clear understanding not just of what their employees’ thoughts and feelings are, but how their experiences impact on their organisation’s bottom line. It also gives HR teams the ability to pinpoint which actions are likely to result in increased productivity and profitability.


Qlearsite needed to educate potential clients about the enhanced capabilities of its technology. It also needed to forge relationships with decision-makers. And it needed to attract the very best talent in the marketplace as it grew rapidly.

What we did

We started working with Qlearsite at the end of 2018. We rewrote their website and created a strategy to tell the organisation’s story via its blog and social media presence – primarily on LinkedIn.

We created “kits” of communications that can be repurposed and re-used in a number of different ways – so a series of blog posts can be re-packaged as a thought leadership piece or white paper, and then broken down again into smaller communications, like social media posts or even collateral for events.


It is still early days, but the Qlearsite message is getting out there. And more and more organisations are choosing the company to give them the insight they need to increase employee engagement and productivity.

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