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Conveying the benefits of IP to non-legal audiences

International law firm Olswang’s intellectual property practice had a worldwide reputation – and their work was deeply admired by their peers.

But as it grew, partners identified a need to make the full breadth of their offer immediately understandable to professionals who weren’t lawyers. 

We worked with Olswang and their on-site comms agency, Blackbridge, to position the IP practice as the business partner of choice for sectors including media, pharma and bioscience. We rewrote the practice online presence, describing services in a straightforward way, optimizing for search, and illustrating with interesting and easy-to-read case studies.

We also helped Olswang to create thought pieces and white papers to share with their clients and prospective clients, helping them to see how strategic IP input would help them from the very beginning of innovation cycles, onwards. 

Learn more about how we approach copywriting for professional services here and check out our FAQs on copywriting and brand positioning.