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Type of Work

Compliance copywriting

Transforming a confusing, legalistic insurance policy into an easy, interesting read

The challenge

In 2017, travel insurance company InsureandGo asked us to help radically transform the relationship it has with customers and prospective customers. A key part of the customer’s journey is the wording of their policy document. It was long, complex and entirely legalistic in content. It was also poorly understood by customers – and as a result, there was a heightened risk of them taking out insufficient cover.

Because the document was so difficult to understand, it also led to a high number of complaints – both to the company and to the Ombudsman. So we took on the challenge of completely rewriting InsureandGo’s policy wording.

What we did

We met with the company’s legal, compliance, product and underwriting teams to scope out how far we could change the policy wording.

We then set about restructuring the document so that it set out information in the order that a customer would need it. This is because even well-written and clear information can remain difficult to access if its intended audience can’t navigate it.

We tested the structure internally and with customers and moved on to the next stage of the project: rewriting the dense, legalistic content. As we peeled back the layers we found a significant amount of duplication – caused by individual authors being responsible for separate sections of the policy and not cross-referring. Over time this problem had intensified simply because no-one understood the document well enough to unpick it and strip it back.

We also found a number of areas of out-of-date content – which again had remained in place because no-one had ownership to remove them.

Through several conversations with subject matter experts, we simplified the document – and added content that we believe will help customers to understand how insurance works and why they need to share certain types of personal information before they can be covered.

The work Wordtree produce is always carefully thought through, tailored to our exact needs and delivered much quicker than you’d expect – I don’t know how they do it.

Elizabeth Brooks Brand & Marketing Manager, InsureandGo


So far, we’ve transformed the policy from a legalistic, impenetrable and unhelpful document into something that’s actually a pleasure to read and that’s interesting and informative.

The new version hasn’t launched yet. But our hope is that re-creating the policy document will result in a far greater understanding of what insurance is and how it works, how and when customers should make claims – as well as all the documentation they need to keep.

This should result in higher customer satisfaction and a more efficient claims process for people who have difficulties while they’re on holiday.

Critically, it should also help to transform customer service at the company, because it will help contact centre teams to truly understand the information they’re sharing, rather than just reading agreed phrases from a script.

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