Coutts: Copywriting marketing materials

Case Study



Type of Work


Getting existing clients to use more of the iconic bank’s services

The challenge

Clients of Coutts hold the private bank in extraordinarily high esteem. However, they are not always aware of the extent of highly specialist services offered by the bank. Which is a shame – not least because unlike high street banks, Coutts is able to create products that exactly match the needs of individual clients. This is certainly the case for lending.

Coutts offers specialist and tailored approaches for buying property – and using it as a line of credit. It also offers innovative approaches for situations including raising equity and bridging.

What we did

We worked with the marketing team at Coutts to develop a brochure about the bank’s lending capabilities. It aligned product information to key brand messages – and was produced for private bankers to share with existing clients.

Written in the Coutts tone of voice (which we had previously developed), the brochure explained simply, elegantly and at top level exactly what was available – and the benefits of making lending arrangements with the bank.


As a result of the brochure – and accompanying web copy – the number of clients using Coutts’ specialist lending facilities increased. 

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