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Executive coaching

Coaching senior execs at Coutts to engage with their teams

Having the right strategy is one thing – but getting teams to implement it can often be a challenge in itself.

We coached senior leaders at the international private bank to help them communicate effectively with their teams and get results.

To start, we reviewed examples of their communications via a number of channels – including emails, meetings, online feedback and face-to-face review.

We coached the leaders to understand their audiences’ needs and to communicate to directly address these needs.

One of the challenges we overcame was one that we often see with highly intelligent people – that they’re often writing in the style of a university thesis, and speaking in the style of an MBA presentation.

We coached the leaders to “market” their ideas and “sell” the benefits of moving to new ways of operating. We also showed them how to structure emails and meetings to get maximum response – and how to structure and frame feedback sensitively yet effectively.

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