EDF Energy: customer communications

Case Study


EDF Energy

Type of Work


Helping one of the world’s biggest energy companies get customers on board with smart meters

The challenge

Smart meters are changing the way we consume energy. By 2020, the government wants everyone in the UK to have one.

This is a huge target for energy suppliers to reach – not least because smart meters aren’t mandatory. It’s up to energy companies to convince their customers to get one – and the 2020 deadline is getting ever closer.

So EDF Energy asked us to help them ramp up their efforts and reach more customers by communicating the benefits of smart meters more effectively.

What we did

Energy is a heavily-regulated sector – so our thinking was guided by the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice. We worked closely with the team at EDF Energy to review the customer journey and recreate the communications customers receive at each stage.

We repositioned a number of key documents – including the smart meter welcome pack and the user guide. We wrote them in a way that makes most sense to customers, highlighting the many benefits of having a smart meter and incorporating the essential regulatory messages in a way that’s easy to understand.

We’ve also re-created many customer-focused transactional communications.


This is an ongoing programme of work. We hope to enhance EDF Energy’s customers’ understanding of how smart meters work and the benefits they offer. Ultimately, we want to help the organisation to reach the 2020 target of installing smart meters in all of their customers’ homes.

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