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Does Wordtree train tone of voice?

Yes, Wordtree is a tone of voice agency and the Wordtree team are experienced trainers who have trained thousands of people in organisations around the world to adopt a new tone of voice. We offer various training formats and work with you to identify which work best for your teams.

If you’d like to talk to us about training tone of voice in your organisation, please give us a call. You can read more about our approach to tone of voice in our book.

What does Wordtree’s tone of voice training look like?

We don’t have a tone of voice training kit. If you ask us to run tone of voice training for your teams, it will be bespoke to you – using examples from across your organisation and heavily based on your tone of voice guidelines.

We work with you to create a framework for each session and populate it with the most relevant and useful examples. We also ask participants to bring current projects to work on so they can leave with a communication that’s written in the new tone of voice and is ready to use straight away.

Wordtree tone of voice training sessions are designed to get your teams on board and excited about your organisation’s new approach to language, to help them understand the business objectives behind the approach and to understand the role they have to play. Our training is hands-on – teams work through exercises, ask questions and get feedback from our specialist trainers.

What training formats does Wordtree offer?

Our tone of voice training programmes are bespoke for each client. But generally, we recommend a combination of the following formats:

Half-day or day-long workshops: These are for people who write day-to-day as part of their role. They include a detailed explanation of the new tone with relevant examples. And they are packed with exercises from across the organisation so participants can try out the new approaches and techniques we suggest in a safe, supportive environment.

Generally, these workshops are for up to 12 participants and have one or two trainers facilitating.

Awareness sessions: These are for people who don’t write a great deal – but are maybe involved in the sign-off process. They can be open to as many people as you can fit in the room.

Usually, an awareness session includes an introduction to the tone of voice and its key principles as well as examples from across the business – as well as opportunities to ask questions. But it doesn’t include exercises, because there isn’t enough time to feed back on everyone’s work and make sure everyone has understood.

Executive coaching: We offer one-to-one tone of voice coaching for senior leaders. You can read more about this here.

Online training: We can work with your IT teams to create online sessions. We see these as being a support mechanism for people who have already had face-to-face training, rather than a standalone option.

Why does Wordtree limit the number of people in tone of voice workshops?

We have a maximum of 12 people in each tone of voice workshop. This gives all participants opportunities to get involved, ask questions and get one-to-one feedback and support from our trainers.

Our tone of voice workshops are based around exercises so participants can try out the new approach to language, share ideas with the group and get feedback and advice on their writing. If there are too many people in a workshop, there isn’t enough time to get round everyone – and people don’t have the time or space to get used to the new tone of voice and feel confident using it.

We find that if you have more than 12 people in a workshop, there’s very little time for questions and one-to-one time. Instead of being hands-on, it ends up being more like a lecture.

Who are the Wordtree trainers?

Our trainers are practising communications professionals. We work with clients all over the world – and draw on our own experiences to help your teams adopt your organisation’s new approach to language. We know how large organisations work – which means we can create training sessions that work for you and get results.

How many trainers attend each session?

We generally have two trainers in each workshop. This means we can give each participant plenty of one-to-one support and feedback on all exercises. It also means that if a participant needs extra support, one trainer can have a side conversation with them while the rest of the session continues.

Having two trainers also helps our trainers to stay fresh and alert. Leading a workshop takes energy – especially if we are running back-to-back training sessions over several days. Two trainers means we can make sure your teams always get the highest level of support.

I already have a tone of voice. Can Wordtree train my teams to use it?

The vast majority of our tone of voice training programmes involve training a tone of voice we have created at Wordtree. This is for a number of reasons:

1. We see tone of voice as part of an organisation-wide programme. Creating the tone of voice is part of this. But rolling it out – with training, awareness sessions and other activities – is essential too.

So when you ask us to create a tone of voice for your organisation, we always discuss roll-out in our initial meetings with you – then build training into the project plan.

2. When we create tone of voice, we test it regularly and robustly to make sure it works in all circumstances. That way, when it comes to training, we can anticipate any questions or concerns your teams may have and address them quickly and easily.

3. A Wordtree tone of voice is always accompanied by a comprehensive set of guidelines. These are usually upwards of 40 pages long and include examples from across your organisation. The guidelines are designed to work alongside our training sessions so your teams have a quick and easy tool to refer to.

If you have an existing tone of voice and would like Wordtree to train your teams to use it, we’d need to see your tone of voice guidelines first and assess whether they were sufficient to base training on. We may suggest adding to or adapting your guidelines – and we may highlight areas where we feel your tone of voice may not be working as well as it could be.

How much does tone of voice training cost?

Our training is bespoke, so the cost we give you depends on the size of your organisation, the number of stakeholders involved and the quantity and formats of training sessions you need. If you’d like us to quote for training tone of voice in your organisation, please get in touch.

What happens if you don’t invest in tone of voice training?

We’ve set out our thoughts on this subject in this blog post.