Culture / Cultural change programmes

Cultural change programmes

Traditional approaches to bringing about cultural change often struggle, because they’re purely theoretical in nature. So even when the central ideas are brilliant, there’s often no immediate way for your teams to put the theory into action.

Our approach to bringing about change is very different.

When you want to bring about cultural change, we step in to change the language of your organisation.

First, we align your organisation’s language to your core purpose or brand. Then we create top-level guidelines and training formats that best suit your organisation and your teams. And then we take your whole organisation through language training.

The beauty of this approach is that it gives key members of your teams opportunities to discuss the new approach, air concerns, get reassurance – and importantly, a safe space to start working with the new language.

It also gives them an immediate, identifiable and measurable way to implement the new approach and to keep practising and perfecting until the new culture becomes fully embedded.

Wordtree are an amazing team – they made this whole process really simple and helped us deliver a change in culture across our contact centre teams. Our customer experience is totally refreshed.

Elliot Lee Sales & Offshore Operations Manager, M&S