In today’s fast-moving world, one of the greatest assets any organisation can develop is a fast-paced culture that’s innovative and adaptable. But changing culture is still seen as a difficult nut to crack.

We offer a different approach to cultural change and change management that really gets results.

We get whole organisations to change the way they work, think and feel by changing the language they use. Why does this work? Because language and thinking are flip sides of the same coin.

So you start by re-aligning your language with the kind of culture you want to create. And then you raise awareness and train your teams to adopt the new approach.

What you get is a double benefit: 1) A deeply embedded purpose or brand-aligned culture and 2) As an added bonus, excellent communications.

We’ve helped whole organisations to redefine their culture by changing the language they use.


Wordtree are great at getting wider teams to buy into change – getting people excited and interested. They are tactful, nurturing and really get the best out of everyone. They’re a joy to work with and I highly recommend them.

Elizabeth Brooks Brand & Marketing Manager, InsureandGo