Marketing, brand and communications often work a little differently in SMEs and start-ups. Your size may mean you only have one person tasked with marketing – or that marketing and brand are something you all pitch in with, but no-one has particular responsibility for.

You may also have very limited budget for marketing – but really pressing needs to create product propositions and take them to market. And, of course, to get investors super-interested in what you’re doing.

It can be a lot for your marketing team (possibly of one) to handle.

Lower spend, bigger skill set

Which is why it’s a good idea to get us in to help. If you don’t want to outsource large parts of your marketing workload, we can upskill your marketing team with regular, bespoke coaching. And we can bring a strategic marketing focus to your board as a non-executive director.

Coaching can also benefit larger companies and marketing teams that want to upskill, rather than outsource.

How we can help

If you think your teams would benefit from coaching and upskilling, download our brochure to find out about different coaching options.

And if you’d like to talk about having Wordtree perform the role of non-exec director on your board, contact Liz, our founder and MD.

Here are some of the things we’ve helped our clients to develop for themselves:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand values
  • Editorial strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting in a range of environments
  • Naming
  • Strapline development

A team of very smart creative thinkers and do-ers who approached the problem from angles we’d never even considered. Such depth of thought and creativity just instils confidence. I felt able to take ideas and concepts further, knowing they were watertight and right for the business.

Nick Van Noorden Head of Marketing, Tellermate