Tellermate: tone of voice and brand narrative

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Tone of voice
Brand narrative

Tellermate: Counting the world’s cash

Tellermate makes counting equipment for every kind of organisation that handles cash. They were the first company to develop highly sensitive counting machines that can take account of atmospheric conditions – and even notes becoming wet or grimy. Their products can be found in checkouts and banks across the world – which is no mean feat for a medium-sized company based in South Wales.

What we did

We worked with Tellermate’s marketing team to develop a tone of voice that differentiated the company from its competitors, conveying efficiency and innovation.

We developed clear tone of voice guidelines and helped the organisation’s head of marketing to train his team to use them. 

We also worked with Tellermate to name their real-time cash counting product – and we’ve helped the company to develop its brand narrative.


Tellermate continues to go from strength to strength, forging relationships with partner organisations and standing out as makers of the original and authentic cash counting machines.

I worked with Liz on a re-positioning/tone of voice project and a product naming. Both times I learned a lot. She leads a team of very smart creative thinkers and do-ers who approached the problem from angles we’d never even considered. Such depth of thought and creativity just instils confidence. I felt able to take ideas and concepts further internally, knowing they were watertight and right for the business.

Finally, I’d say that Liz and her team are great to work with. Not precious – just friendly, talented and practical people. To get the best out of working with them, you need to know what you want, do your homework and be prepared to get stuck in. If you do that, the results can be transformative.

Nick Van Noorden Group Head of Marketing, Tellermate