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Hornsby Law Group

Type of Work

Website copywriting

Helping Atlanta lawyers to communicate whistleblower law

The challenge

If you were to discover that your employer – or an organisation you were working closely with – was committing fraud against the government, what would you do?

In the USA, whistleblower law can be fragmented and difficult to understand – at both state and federal level.

Atlanta-based law firm Hornsby Law Group (HLG) asked us to help them communicate this complex area of law when they set up a whistleblower practice. For this particular project, they wanted us to write several hundred pages of content for their website.

The brief was this: The content should feel clear and reassuring to people facing a very difficult dilemma in their lives. The pages also had to be fully SEO optimised.

What we did

We’d already established a brand and tone of voice for HLG – and we used this to inform the narrative of the web copy.

We took complex legal information and translated it into language that’s easily accessible to ordinary citizens – while maintaining its integrity. We wrote more than 200 pages of copy explaining every element of whistleblower law – and how HLG helps its clients navigate the complex world of whistleblowing.

Of course, before potential clients can read this information they need to be able to find it. We created a comprehensive SEO strategy, incorporating key words and phrases into each page to make them fully optimised. We also developed an editorial schedule of blog pieces and case studies to keep the web content fresh and relevant.

Even though we completed most of this work remotely, we developed a very close working relationship with the partners at HLG throughout this project, successfully accommodating time and cultural differences.

Simply the best! If you’re looking for a copywriting team that can translate complex information into interesting and understandable copy, look no further. Liz and the Wordtree team not only know how to deliver great copy – they’re a pleasure to work with and make the entire process approachable and enjoyable.

Brandon Hornsby President, Hornsby Law Group


The whistleblower website is under development and will launch later this year. We hope to see immediate results.

The website will show potential whistleblowers how the law is relevant to them – and makes sure they fully understand what the ramifications of blowing the whistle might be for them and their families.

Learn more about how we approach copywriting for professional services here.

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