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Helping BP to market licensed technologies to third parties


BP was the first petrochemical company to create a chemical called purified terephthalic acid (PTA). It quickly became a critical component in the manufacture of plastics – and fabrics like the fleece used in outdoor garments.

The chemical is traditionally created in a specialised manufacturing plant, where it is extracted from another chemical, paraxylene.

By the late 2010s, BP had developed paraxylene manufacturing approaches that consumed less water and occupied a much smaller footprint. The company then decided to offer this technology on a licensed basis, providing schematics, know-how and continuing support and upgrades for licensees.

This meant that as BP made further developments – like its current push to extract PTA from bio, rather than fossil fuel, sources – they could also become available to licensees.

What we did

We created top-level marketing materials for BP to take to meetings and events – and use as leave-behind information.

They outlined the benefits of both a) buying into a licensing agreement, rather than designing and building from scratch, and b) BP’s unique system.

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