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ASH Projects

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Brand articulation
Tone of voice

Creating a brand positioning for a tech company to allow it to reach new markets


ASH installs software and systems into mass multiple retail environments. When the company launched in the early 2000s, they were installing equipment like EPOS systems at checkouts, electronic doors and VOIP.

But they kept pace with technology. So they now install sophisticated software that allows brands to see how customers are moving through their stores. It helps organisations to better understand display effectiveness – and with facial recognition software, even identify customer emotion as they browse.

This change in technology meant that when ASH first contacted us in 2012, their client base had changed. They were no longer dealing with the IT team. Instead, they needed to make their offer understandable and compelling to marketers and customer experience professionals, who were keen to develop as deep an understanding as possible of their consumers. 

ASH were proud that their customer service was second-to-none. But we suspected there was a better story to tell their new clients.

What we did

We held brand workshops with the ASH team to dig down into the organisation’s story. 

It became clear that they were more than competent technicians. They are strategic partners who can take their retail clients’ needs and ambitions and translate them into workable, scalable systems to help them get results.

They’re interested in what their clients want to achieve – and because they are so passionate about retail, they can offer solutions their clients often don’t know are possible.

We took all this information and distilled it down into a differentiating story based on the line: 

Closer to your customer

It works as a promise to their retail clients. When retailers work with ASH, they get the technology that will give them a joined-up view of their customers’ preferences, behaviours and purchasing in store.

It also gives a strong nod to ASH’s excellent customer service.

Wordtree has enabled us to harness a base of clients and use the platform to get them “closer to their customers”. Our team helped create the message so we had buy-in from the outset. You nailed it – and it’s amazing to see how accurate your insight was at that time. Looking forward to our next campaign together!

Alison Ashurst CEO, ASH Projects

Tone of voice

We created a distinctive tone of voice that allowed ASH to tell its story to wider audiences. The guidelines were straightforward and allowed agencies and their own team to communicate with a single voice.


We encouraged ASH to move from a technical, features-focused style of communication towards more benefits-driven messaging.

So rather than launching into specific technologies, ASH now describes its activities more tangibly, with clear signposting like:

  • At head office
  • Through the store
  • At the checkout

This makes their offer relevant and tangible to a much wider audience. We restructured and rewrote the company’s website in this way.

Informing design

We worked closely with ASH’s preferred design partners to help them interpret the brand story visually.

ASH didn’t want to radically change its visual identity, so we helped to make sure that it evolved to convey connectedness and closeness to customers. We also wanted to be sure that navigating ASH’s new website was as easy as working with them.


Since their new brand identity and website have launched, ASH have opened offices in the USA, Australia and Vietnam. They’ve been able to tell their story easily at events including the National Retail Forum in New York. And their business goes from strength to strength.

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