Want to create a name for your company?

What shall we call it?

Liz, July 10, 2014

These are some things we advise all our clients to think about when they’re considering a new name…

What do you want your brand to communicate?

A name is yet another extension of your brand identity – like its language and design. So when we start to work with you, it’s important that we get to know as much as possible about your proposition and what sets you apart from the competition. We need to know how you want your brand to make people feel.

Which geographical areas will you operate in?

This has an impact on naming because your name will need to work (and not mean anything untoward) in all of your markets.

Any restrictions?

Are there any regulations in your industry that will affect the kind of name you choose? Are there types of names or words that you personally don’t like and couldn’t live with? Are there restrictions on character counts? For example, to fit on a trading board, a fund name has a maximum character count.

Do you plan to create sub-brands or allied propositions?

Will your name need to flex in the future to allow you to create further propositions – which might include different types of funds or services? (E.g., where Mercedes is the masterbrand name, and sub-brands include Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes B–Class, etc).

Another thing to bear in mind is the need for (and costs associated with) protecting your brand name once you have created it. This can involve:

  • Registering it yourself with the Intellectual Property Office for the UK and Europe
  • Or working with IP lawyers in all the territories you plan to operate – both to coordinate international searches and to register

The result will be a name that feels right for your brand, stands out from the crowd and is unique and owned just by you.

If you’d like to talk to us about brand names, or naming your products, services and propositions, please get in touch.


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