Virgin Atlantic really knows how to do naming

Virgin Atlantic logo

Richard Branson’s airline has announced the launch of a domestic service – and it’s going to be called Little Red.

It’s a totally on-brand name that promises the same fun experience that you get on international flights.

What I love about Virgin Atlantic’s naming system is that everything – from its B2B avionics workshops through to its customer services and names of planes – compellingly express the brand.

There’s no drop-off when they think the end consumer isn’t interested, listening or watching.

All Virgin Atlantic names are true to the brand, and there’s what we call “volume control” to give the flexibility to move from does-what-it-says-on-the-tin names through to more emotionally engaging, fun names.

Virgin names - volume control

At low volume, you have the purely descriptive names. This is where many in many organisations the brand experience is lost. But with Virgin Atlantic, there’s no industry jargon and no room for confusion even at this pragmatic end of the naming scale.

As the volume goes up, the naming becomes even more consumer focused and more fun.

Fun, but trustworthy

And the great thing about Virgin Atlantic names is that they don’t detract from the trust consumers have in the brand.

We sometimes have conversations with clients who feel uncomfortable about adopting names that don’t sound “B2B” enough or that don’t conform to what the rest of their sector is doing.

But the truth is that the most successful brands are the ones that are true to themselves in absolutely everything – from the way they name their products and services through to how they write and name their internal policies and notices.

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