FAQs about training

We get asked a lot of questions about our workshops – so we thought we’d jot down some of the most common things that come up, along with our responses.

If you have a question you’d like to talk about in person, please do give us a call.


Is training worth investing in?
Yes – on many levels. There are immediate financial returns on business writing training – like these:

  • You don’t have to hire external copywriters to create your materials
  • Better writing needs fewer rounds of amends and consumes less resource
  • It generates a significantly better response from customers
  • It tends to be shorter, so you can save significant amounts on print (it’s not unusual for our clients to halve their print costs, simply because their teams are writing tighter copy)

Then you get the ripple-effect returns:

  • Your sales teams find it easier to convey a compelling offer
  • Fewer customers call your care centres, because the information they’ve received or found online makes immediate sense and doesn’t need to be clarified
  • Your organisation begins to be more talked about – because it expresses what it does simply and easily. So there’s more of a buzz on social media – and journalists are more likely to remember you and quote you
  • Your teams find it easier and faster to communicate amongst themselves
  • Your teams feel more confident, trusted and upbeat – and the pace of work can pick up


What happens in a typical Wordtree workshop?
We run copywriting courses and business writing training sessions that last either a half-day or a day. We also run residential, long weekend tone of voice training workshops and creative copywriting courses.

On our day and half-day copywriting courses, we welcome people with a drink and a bite to eat and we get everyone settled in.

Typically, we all sit around a big table. We provide notebooks, pencils and pens and plenty of nibbles and food throughout the day. If you’re coming on one of our business writing courses, just let us know if there’s anything you don’t like to – or can’t – eat, and we’ll make sure you’re well catered for.

After introduction, we spend the rest of the day taking you through structured exercises. It’s not unusual for us to get you to move around or to team up to write with someone else for some exercises.

On a residential copywriting course, we welcome people the evening before we start. We show you to your room, introduce you to everyone else – and of course, ply you with food and drink.

We generally start at around 10am and then work through to 5pm. The time is filled with exercises – and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get personal time with tutors.

Lunch is picnic style, with a couple of warm options. In the evening, we all eat together, sit and chat and play word games. If you’d rather have “you” time, no-one will mind if you go for a walk or get an early night. Our residential workshops are usually in the middle of the Welsh countryside – so there’s a lot to explore.

Most people are quite surprised when any of our workshops comes to an end – because the time seems to fly by.

At the end of a copywriting course, we ask you to give us feedback, and we encourage you to stay in touch with us. We never mind having a look at your work and offering feedback or suggestions in the weeks and months after you’ve spent time with us. We also give you a little goodie bag to take home.


Where do we hold copywriting courses and business writing training?
The easy answer to this is – anywhere you’d like us to. We train thousands of people every year in their workplaces. We also hire venues in London, Brighton, Edinburgh – and we run copywriting courses from our studio here in Cardiff.

We’ve run training sessions in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, mainland Europe and the Channel Islands.

Our residential business writing training sessions all tend to happen in rural Wales – but we’re open to suggestions.

The venues we choose all have a bit of character and curiosity about them. That’s because we think these kind of environments help workshoppers to be more creative.


Why do we limit the number of people in a workshop?
We’ve been on all sorts of business writing courses and copywriting training sessions ourselves, and we find these things happen if you have more than 10 in a group:

  • There’s very little opportunity to ask questions
  • There’s very little one-to-one time with the tutor or session leader

On some of our more advanced copywriting courses, we limit places to eight.

We’d prefer a smaller number of people to go away completely understanding and feeling confident and able to go away and write outstanding business copy. So that’s why we limit places.


Are you writers or trainers?
We’re both – we practice what we teach. So unlike generic trainers, we have hands-on, day-to-day experience of writing, sign-off and the approvals process.

And we only train people in areas that we know – writing, naming, tone of voice and brand.

Roughly, a third of our time is spent writing, a third training, and a third working out brand strategy.


Do you employ freelance trainers?
So far, no we haven’t. We have a particular approach to training which is calm, open and collegiate. We freely share our own weaknesses, as well as the techniques we use to overcome them. We feel very protective of the people we’re training, and we wouldn’t want to risk exposing them to a less supportive approach.

We have the privilege of meeting thousands of people every year in training sessions, and it always upsets us when we meet people who say they’re “rubbish” at English, or they’re “no good” at writing. Somewhere along the line, someone has told them that, and it’s stuck.

If you’re a freelance trainer and you’d like to work with us, by all means call. But be prepared to:

  • Spend quite a bit of time with us getting to know our approach
  • Be on probation/shadowing one of us for a while


Why do your copywriting courses and business writing training sessions cost what they do?
Our copywriting workshops generally come in between £250 and £350 per person, per day, excluding VAT. They tend to be cheaper if we’re running them in a client’s own premises – simply because we don’t have to hire rooms and arrange catering. It’s also a tiny bit easier for us to run tone of voice training or copywriting courses for people who are all from one organisation.

That said, there’s a big benefit in getting people together from different organisations too – it just takes a little more organising.

We think £250-£350 per day is extremely good value. Our workshoppers leave with a whole new perspective and set of tools and skills.


Do you only train in English?
We mostly work in English – but we’ve run French-English training sessions in Canada, and we copywrite in French, Spanish and Dutch.