Can tights be re-imagined? It’s a valid business travel question. Honestly…

Liz, October 13, 2017

A few years ago I arrived late-ish at Zurich airport. I think I was there to run training sessions with Coutts.

I’d already spent a few days in a hotel in London before I travelled to Switzerland – and I’d already completely blasted through my stash of tights. I needed to be with my client early the next day and was heading straight to my hotel from the airport.

I couldn’t see any shops open in arrivals. I asked a lady at the information desk if she knew of a shop that sold tights. She looked blank. I wracked my brain for some O-Level German.

“Ich möchte… errrm, kleine Hosen kaufen? Gibt es ein Geschäft?”

Poor woman.  “Little trousers?” she said. I plucked at the tights I was wearing.

“Ahh! Strumpfhosen!”

“Strumpfhosen! Ja, ja!” I said. Bingo, I thought. I am sorted for tomorrow.

“Nein.” She said, looking a bit sad.

Of all the things that niggle on a business trip – tights definitely makes it into the top 10. They often don’t fit. They’re fragile (especially if you spend your spare time running or hill walking, rather than getting pedicures). They’re uncomfortable and you can never seem to lay your hands on a pair at short notice.

It’s quite possible to pack a pair for each day, plus a couple of spares and put your feet through all of them before you even get to your first meeting. It’s a right old parlarver.

So I was quite interested to hear that one company has finally decided to reinvent tights. Heist tights are expensive, but I might give them a go.

Either that, or just stick to trousers.


By the way – I am gobsmacked that Heist was made to photoshop a bandeau top onto its model’s BACK on its London Underground 8-sheets.

Can you believe, this image of a woman in tights is thought to be unacceptable:

But these are fine…

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